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Slickgrid Rails gem

Posted on 2 mins read

I recently came across a great JS grid library called SlickGrid. It wasn’t very active however (last commit was in 2016) but a fork is currently very active.

SlickGrid in action

I’ve tried many, many other JS grid libraries and most of them are great! I’m especially fond of the Kendo grid. Most of these libraries come more polished and feature-complete out of the box than SlickGrid. However, none of them seem to come close to the flexibility and customizability that SlickGrid has. I still haven’t seem to hit a wall with SlickGrid whereas I immediately hit some walls with the other grids.

For instance, I wanted to use Pickadate as a date editor and Selectize for dropdowns. It’s definitely possible with the other grids but it was incredibly simple to implement with SlickGrid. I’ll probably release these editors as plugins soon.

The only problem was that to integrate SlickGrid in my Rails app I had to manually add the files and make them fit into my app since the only Rails gem I could find hadn’t been updated since 2013. So I decided to make a new gem and base it on the 6pac fork. It’s just called slickgrid.

To install you just need to add it to your Gemfile:

gem 'slickgrid'

And then run bundle.

To use it just add to your application.js file:

//= require slickgrid

And to your application.css file add:

*= require slickgrid

You can then add in any plugins that you might need to your application.js file like so:

//= require slickgrid/dataview
//= require slickgrid/controls/columnpicker

I hope this helps someone.

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